Public Bodies such as local authorities, central government departments, schools, universities and NHS trusts, to name but a few, make important decisions about our lives. Sometimes these decisions can be unlawful and may need to be challenged.

Judicial review is the main legal process used to hold public bodies to account and contest wrong decisions. It is important that fundamental freedoms are not breached, together with such laws as the Human Rights Act 1998 and the Equality Act 2010.

Our Firm

John Ford Solicitors holds a contract in Public Law which enables us to assist clients who may be unlawfully treated as a result of maladministration, negligence, procedural errors or unreasonable decision making. The Legal Aid Agency recognises that Judicial Review is a Public Law remedy which operates to challenge or check the actions or omissions of public bodies and authorities.

We have experience in all aspects of judicial review, including obtaining interim relief and emergency orders in the Administrative Court and pursuing judicial review matters, if necessary to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. We have provided assistance in relation to the rights of looked after children, student finance and failure to educate.


It is important to act quickly if you wish to bring a judicial review case against a public body. Cases must be brought within three months of the decision, and some may need to be brought even quicker. Therefore, if you suspect that an unlawful decision has been made or is about to be made, please contact John Ford Solicitors straightaway to obtain expert legal advice and to discuss your matter in detail.